A new free festival celebrating the City’s agricultural heritage.
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The Richmond Harvest Festival is all about community. Our organizers deeply value sustainability and they do their part to ensure future generations enjoy the same sense of community that we do today. The Richmond Harvest Festival follows the recommendations set by the Richmond Sustainable Event initiative.


  • Sustainability Commitment Statement – Our event is committed to fostering positive environmental, social, and economic impacts for current and future generations within the local community.


  • Reduce Waste and Recycle – Richmond’s Green Ambassadors will be on site helping festival goers properly dispose of their waste. We’re striving to have a waste diversion rate of over 80%.


  • Make Smart Water Choices – Richmond’s portable water stations will be on site during the festival, meaning you can bring your refillable water bottle from home and have free, clean, fresh, and cold drinking water.


  • Establish a Positive Local Impact – The Richmond Harvest Fest will be showcasing local exhibitors and vendors, will be using local suppliers, connecting with local businesses, engaging local volunteers, and ensuring the festival site will be accessible to everyone within our community.


  • Promote Public and Clean Transportation – Visit the Getting to the Festival section of the webpage to find the sustainable ways to commute to the Richmond Harvest Fest.  The Harvest Fest will offer the Wheel Watch service where you can leave your bike in a securely guarded compound near the festival gates.


  • Make Smart Food Choices – The Green Ambassadors on site will help you sort your waste appropriately.


As a festival goer, please do you part to help make the event a sustainable success.

Thank you!

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